A heading which usually consists of a name and an address (and often includes a monogram or logo, and other design elements, along with other text: street / postal, email, and Web addresses, telephone numbers, tag line, and perhaps more) printed on a sheet of letter-writing paper. Although traditionally a "letterhead" was at the top edge of a page, it has become common for graphic designers to place them along other edges, and even include a faint image in the center of a page. A letterhead can be vital to establishing the identity of an organization or individual. As an important part of a unified program to promote a client's goals, graphic designers often employ variations on a client's letterhead in a system of designs placed on envelopes, business cards, product packaging, signage, advertising, Web sites, etc. "Letterhead" can also refer to full sheets of stationery imprinted with a heading. Also see ephemera, graphic design, and typography.

Glossary of Art Terms. 2014.

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